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FAQ (formerly

For the most part this website is an attempt of a clean visual representation of our public extended profiles and a little bit more: at you can only see a very limited amount of statistical data for your current language; shows your detailed live data for your current language pair and keeps some essential stats for the rest of your languages, making it possible to compare your progress to thousands of other duolinguists out there.

If you have any questions or feedback, you are always welcome to send a message to ask [at]


There's a Streak Hall of Fame on the main page, as well as Crowns Hall of Fame, Golden Owl Hall of Fame, 100,000XP+ Hall of Fame, Vocabulary Hall of Fame and Thousandaire Hall of Fame or whatever you call it, and then there's a Streak Freeze page with all the streak freezes having been re-equipped recently (and long ago), as well as a friendly reminder for those who don't have a streak freeze equipped at the moment.

There is also some detailed statistics on every language accessible by these patterns:

How do I get listed?

Anyone with a 100+ days active/lost streak may get listed by looking up their username, like this:

Updates Frequency

In order to update nearly 400K usernames as of late summer 2021 Duome needs 277 days if it takes one profile per minute, and even though I'm trying to prioritize things by some criteria and I do it in parrallel/simultaneously, the update queue may still be too long for smaller streaks, but you can still have it under control: a manual update is triggered every time your duome *progress* page is loaded.

My streak is gone — may I still get listed?

Yes. Duolingo may still remember your last streak, so give it a try. Otherwise, you probably still have a screenshot or one of those reminder emails that Duo sends to help us keep our streaks going — simply forward a screenshot or one of those emails and your username to ask [at] and you'll get listed in the alumni section.

Golden Owls, Golden Trees, etc.

Now, your shiny golden owl can only be reliably counted for the language you currently study, otherwise duome would have to guesstimate it based on how many words you learned, which may not be 100% accurate because some of us have different trees assigned to our accounts and some of us may have some bonus skills (and a few more words) while some others don't, so our stats would be different. Anyway, if you hover the pointer over a language flag next to your username, you will probably see something like "en · ga · 67.10%" — this is the reliably counted statistics for your English-Gaelic course. Once you reach 100% your Golden Owl will be counted "reliably" with the next daily or manual update; from now on it will be shown next to your username on the main list and on your progress page.

If some of your owls are missing and/or there is no detailed information for them, you can do a manual update by switching to the corresponding language on and looking up your username on afterwards. Your owl should be up to date now.

Words & Lexemes

There's a big mess in the naming: there are 2151 lexemes in Spanish Tree v2 which equals to 1603 words in your "personal vocabulary", even though the words tab lists 2900+ words... I would expect the smaller number to be called "lexemes" while the larger number would stand for "words", but we have three different numbers here and since there are no explanations for these numbers anywhere I just follow the Duolingo naming scheme without trying to interpret anything.

Known Issues


To be continued...