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Dear everyone. There were a few offers from some of you to support Duome and I actually know that it can be a pleasure to support someone, but I also need to say that you don't really have to do it for Duome — It's not "necessary" or something and it has never been the purpose of this project, but all of that being said, if you would still like to support Duome, I think a have found a beautiful way to do it.

You can become Duome's Patron on and see if Duome becomes something more with your support.

So what is Patreon? It's much like Indiegogo or Kickstarter or something like that. Basically, it's a chance to support someone directly — an artist without a publisher, a musician without a record label behind him, and it's an amazing feeling when it's a little bit more personal, when you can keep in touch with someone you support and you have a feeling that there's a little bit of you in all that is about to happen. The future of Duome?)

I have been a Partron to some other artists since 2014, now you can join me and

~ 07.05.2019

Thank you Duome Patrons

There's one more reason why I'm doing this...

I have been a Patron to Julia Westlin ever since I saw this video:

There's a lot more on her YouTube channel and you can also find her on Patreon.

Julia was the reason why I learned Swedish at some point in my life (but I never told her), there was a chance for us to meet for a cup of coffee in Sweden and though it didn't happen back then, Swedish will give me reflections of that moment in time through my entire life, and anytime I speak Swedish, I will remember her, no matter where or when.

Julia had been through some really hard times of her life last year and that was the moment when I felt like I should probably have taken this opportunity a lot earlier — to reach out to you and share her story, and all these amazing acapellas and original music that she makes. She is a lot more of an artist than I will ever be and she needs support a lot more than I do.

So, maybe you can support her instead, or maybe we could do it together as duome community for I know I cannot make a really big change myself/alone. There will be a special tier for this story on my own patreon page and hopefully we can come up with something like this (well, sadly I know that these things happen once in a lifetime, and it doesn't take just a grand piano, but a lot more to make it happen when it matters the most... it's a kind of a white envy for me actually as I LOVE doing things like that — it's like magic that does exist, but it takes a lot of hard work to make it happen :)

~ 31.05.2019