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Should ever decide to shut down, then so be it. I do believe though that falls under the fair use concept and everything I do - I do with a great deal of respect.

Update: I actually contacted Duolingo bringing my work to their attention, giving them every detail they might possibly need, so they do have my contacts, my real name, my private email, etc., and I remain open to conversation and any ideas on how can we possibly/hopefully make something nice together. That said, there's always a possibility that there will be no tomorrow, so if you do enjoy it - enjoy it while you can, and if I don't have another chance to say this: gracias para todos y por todo

Update2: I have been talking to Severin Hacker, the co-founder and CTO of Duolingo. To make a long story short: they do like the idea, but they need to own the domain so is now redirected to while we can still enjoy the service under the new domain name —

Thank you Severin and the entire Duolingo Team!